WATCH: Disney Princess Moana Has No Love Interest And Is Voiced By Native Islander

Disney’s newest animated princess film “Moana” is about a Hawaiian princess on a quest across the Pacific Ocean – who doesn’t have a love interest. Moana will be the first ever Disney princess to not have a love interest, sending a clear message that girls don’t need a boy to be worth watching.

At Comic-Con the film’s directors, John Musker and Rob Clements, confirmed that, “There is no romance in the movie.” Instead, “Moana” will center around the 16 year old princess’s epic journey with her animal friends and Demi-god sidekick as she tries to help her family. It is a dangerous and noble mission as she braves the wild seas to travel across Polynesia for the sake of the ones she loves most.

But Moana is up to the task and she doesn’t need a boy to help her, nor is she distracted by a crush when she has more important things to worry about. Moana is a strong girl who can steer her own course through life.

Moana is voiced by 14 year old Hawaiian Auli’I Cravahlo, who is a newcomer to the film industry. It is great to see Disney finally giving a voice to the people it depicts, in this case Hawaiian girls. Too often in the industry people of color are effectively erased, when characters of color are portrayed by white actors. In the video below, Auli’I talks about being chosen as the voice of Moana.

Congratulations, Auli’I. We know you will succeed in being the voice of Hawaiian girls.


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