Rubio Praises Paris Attacks As “Positive Development” To Exploit For Political Gain

On Sunday, Republican presidential candidate and truant Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) had the gall to say publicly what is very clear to the rest of us – that the Republican Party is shamelessly exploiting the recent terrorist attacks in Paris to whip the American people into a xenophobic frenzy and gain political advantage over his less pugilistic rivals on the other side of the aisle.

Rubio told FOX News Sunday‘s Chris Wallace that “I obviously am not happy about the events that happened last week in Paris. But I think it’s a positive development that it suddenly has forced Americans to confront more carefully the issue of national security because it is the most important thing a President will do and it is the most important function of the federal government. I hope that we focus on that note more, not just for political advantage but because the world has become a very dangerous place. It’s not just radical jihadists, it’s Chinese military buildup, it’s Russian aggression, it’s the North Koreans, it’s Iran’s desire to acquire nuclear capability.”

It’s a tacit admission that the Republican Party is blowing the fears of terrorism way out of proportion in a disgusting bid for political credibility. Though he may not realize it, it’s also an acknowledgement of the fact that the Republican Party has very little domestic credibility to run on, and are putting all their eggs squarely in the “vote for me or we will all die in a fiery liberal apocalypse” basket.

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