Joe Biden Just Announced His Retirement Plans

Former Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, announced the launch of the Biden Foundation.  The Biden’s charitable organization has an ambitious agenda that will focus on preventing sexual assault on college campuses, championing education at community college campuses and funding cancer research, among other issues.

The Washington Post reported that the death of Biden’s son, Beau, in May 2015 deeply impacted the former Vice President’s decision to make cancer issues the primary focus of his Foundation’s work.

Biden left the White House on a high note, and despite the Trump administration’s recent executive orders he is hopeful about the future.  “I’m more optimistic than I’ve ever been since I’ve been in public life,” the vice president proclaimed in a video announcing the launch of his foundation.

According to Biden and his wife, what they look forward to the most is helping other Americans:

“We look forward to this new chapter where will we continue our work to ensure that everyone—no matter their income level, race, gender, age or sexuality—is treated with dignity and gets a fair shot at achieving the American Dream,”

Shortly before leaving the white house, Former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama announced the launch of the Obama Foundation.  The foundation will be based in Chicago’s South Side.  According to the Obamas, the foundation’s goals are broad, and will focus on “developing the next generation of citizens.”

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