Elizabeth Banks Nails Donald Trump Parody At The DNC

Last night at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) Elizabeth Banks made her entrance on to the prime time stage in a brilliant parody of Donald Trump’s entrance at the Republican National Convention (RNC) last week. The “Pitch Perfect” star dramatically strode on to the stage in slow motion as Queen’s “We Are The Champions” played. She clapped out of time with the beat, looking smug.

It was a perfect imitation of Trump’s entrance last week, the entrance that prompted Queen to call him out for using their music without permission. Queen tweeted:

The band is unwilling to let a man who they believe promotes a hateful ideology to associate himself with their great classic rock hits.

After her comic entrance, Banks got serious. After remarking on how “over the top” the entrance was, she said,

This election is too important for jokes. … My father, a Vietnam vet, worked the second and third shifts on the factory floor in and around my hometown of Pittsfield, Mass. My mother worked at the library and the local bank. They worked hard — because like millions of American parents, they wanted to give their kids a good life with boundless opportunities.

Throughout the course of the night she discussed how Democrats helped her have the opportunity to go to college,  and they funded Planned Parenthood which was the only healthcare she received for years. In the end, it was the Democrats who helped her afford health insurance.

It is easy to joke about Donald Trump, but stopping him from getting elected is no joke. We need a president who promotes opportunity for all – men and women, children and elderly, veterans and the disabled, and people of all colors and religions.

We’re with her.

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