Trump Caught Red-Handed Using Fake Stats To Smear Blacks As Violent Murderers

Every time you think Donald Trump could possibly not sink to a new low, he proves us all wrong. On Saturday the billionaire, who keeps Hitler’s speeches at his bedside for light reading and happily accepts white supremacists into his group of supporters because they are “very receptive to [his] message” and “want this country to be great again,” whipped his followers into a frenzy with anti-Muslim hate speech then sicced them on a lone African-American man who had the audacity to chant “black lives matter” while wearing a t-shirt that bore the same message.

Responding to his orders, a group of Trumpcoats surrounded the man, punching, kicking, and shoving him before dragging their victim away from their leader. While the Trump campaign said it does not condone the actions of the crowd, on Sunday Trump announced that his campaign spokesperson was lying, explaining that the man’s assertion that black lives matter is “disgusting.” According to Trump, the man deserved it:

“Maybe he should have been roughed up. It was disgusting what he was doing.”

Not satisfied with simply giving his Faithful advance permission to beat black men at his rallies, Trump followed up by tweeting out a list of wholly inaccurate, racist “USA crime statistics” intended to demonize black people — like the man his supporters gang-attacked on Saturday:

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