Teens At NYC Public Schools Will Have Access to Free Tampons

The average woman will buy 9,120 tampons in her life and most spend about $60 a year on them. We’re not even talking about panty liners, Midol, acne medication, new underwear or chocolate – much less birth control. This is just a straight up tampon fee. What if you’re a teenager who comes from a family who can’t always afford lady products when Aunt Flo decides to ruin your life each month? What if you’re an average student who lives in the modern world that doesn’t use pocket change anymore and you can’t snag your period product of choice? The New York City Public School District has a solution: They’re giving them away for free.

According to Gothamist the City Council is trying to decide if it will pass legislation to make pads and tampons free at 25 New York Schools. Queens Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras-Copeland is sponsoring the legislation because, “Girls in these districts face the greatest financial hardships,” Ferreras-Copeland told the NY Daily News. “I want to ensure none of them lose class time, face illness or feel humiliated because their family cannot afford pads.”

The program for 25 schools should only cost approximately $160,000 each year and could hopefully be spread to other schools in the city.

Earlier this month, a group of women filed a class action lawsuit against the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, because the state has a 4 percent taxation on tampons but doesn’t have the same tax on “medical” items like Rogaine, adult diapers or dandruff shampoo which they say violates the Equal Protection clause in the Constitution.

“You feel more confident and don’t feel as nervous,” Ashley, a 15-year old student said. “You can just grab it whenever you need it. It’s there for you.”


Featured image via Wikimedia Commons.

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