Pope Francis Invites Sanders to Talk Economic Justice and Climate Change

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders announced his upcoming visit to the Vatican Friday.  The April 15th event will focus on climate change and economic inequality, two issues Pope Francis and Sanders have championed.  Sanders expressed his enthusiasm for Pope Francis in an interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, “I was very moved by the invitation, I am a big, big fan of the pope.”

“Pope Francis has made clear that we must overcome ‘the globalization of indifference’ in order to reduce economic inequalities, stop financial corruption and protect the natural environment. That is our challenge in the United States and in the world.”

The event will be hosted by the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, and is scheduled to cover a number of topics from the Presidential candidate’s campaign platform.

Both Sanders and the “people’s pope” have garnered considerable popularity for their compassion and willingness to champion the people over corporations.  The Sanders campaign has made holding big bankers accountable and the revitalization of the dwindling middle class it’s mantra.  Pope Francis openly condemns the rampant greed driving the global economy, “once capital becomes an idol and guides people’s decisions, once greed for money presides over the entire socioeconomic system, it ruins society, it condemns and enslaves men and women, it sets people against one another and, as we clearly see, it even puts at risk our common home.”

Pope Francis announced the conference the same day he issued a major publication called, “The Joy of Love,” that encourages solidarity and compassion “imperfect” Catholics.

The April 15th conference comes just 4 days before the critical New York primary.

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