Michelle Obama reveals her reaction to the election and calls out her haters

First Lady Michelle Obama sat down for an interview with Oprah Winfrey last night on CBS.  The First Lady described the 2016 election as “painful,” and dished on whether or not she would consider a run for office in the future.

Obama told Winfrey, “You know, this past election was challenging for me as a citizen. To watch and experience. It was painful.”

Despite the divisive tone of the election and deep sense of disappointment in the result, Obama stayed strong in her support for the transition to a Trump administration.  She emphasized that her and President Obama would stand behind the President elect for the sake of unifying the country.

“Words matter. The Words that we say moving forward, all of us, it matters.  Which is one of the reasons why Barack and I are so supportive of this transition.  Because no matter how we felt going into it, it is important for the health of this nation that we support the commander-in-chief.”

Earlier this year the first lady was a popular surrogate for the Clinton campaign.  Obama spoke out against Donald Trump with poise, and noted that Democrats would not sink to his level of bullying.

Since Clinton’s crushing loss in November, rumors swirled about the first lady running for office in 2020.  Asked whether she’d ever do it, she simply said “no.”

“People don’t really understand how hard this I,” she told CBS.

The first lady also took an opportunity to address her haters who consistently portray her as the stereotype of an “angry black woman.”

“That was one of those things where you sort of think, ‘Dang, you don’t even know me,’” she said. “You just sort of feel like, ‘Wow, where did that come from?’”



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