Illinois Republicans Just Tried To Refuse Birth Certificates To Newborns With Single Mothers

Two Illinois Republican Senators (who are white men) co-sponsored a bill in February that would refuse birth certificates to newborn children with unidentified fathers.

The bill would require mothers to identify the father or to name a family member on the birth certificate who can provide for the child financially. Mothers who can’t come up with the DNA to identify the father or a family member to sign the birth certificate within thirty days would be denied state subsidies and left without a birth certificate for their newborns.

The intent of the Illinois Republican Senators and their allies is clear: financially abandon and ostracize unmarried mothers. “You better know who the ‘daddy’ is and whether or not he can afford that child and whether or not the taxpayers should be funding that or if there’s actual child support he can provide, ” an Illinois Republican Representative, and supporter of the bill, said.

Republicans never fail to hide their contempt for women who do not “behave.” For them, unmarried mothers with no support from their partners and family are a nuisance to the state and should be left to sink or swim. They see them as sex crazed moochers out to get pregnant on purpose as a quick trick to scam the state into supporting them.

Fortunately, the Republican’s sexist and hateful bill was killed by the Democratic supermajority in the Illinois legislature.

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