“Family Values” Republican: There’s Nothing More Natural Than A Man Grabbing A Woman’s Nipple While she Breastfeeds In Public

New Hampshire State Rep. Josh Moore, a self-described pro-family conservative, is in hot water over a Facebook comment he left on a colleague’s post.   In his comment Moore suggests that if a woman wants to breastfeed in public, she should have no problem with men ogling her exposed breast and grabbing it.


Moore’s comments were in defense of a new bill proposed in the New Hampshire state legislature that would ban women from exposing their breasts in public and make it possible for women to be charged with a misdemeanor for “purposeful exposure” in a public place. Currently both men and women in New Hampshire are free to go topless in public, but if passed into law, the Republican’s bill would change that.

New Hampshire State Representative Amanda Bouldin was infuriated that a party whose platform is built on “limited government” and increased “freedom” would move to enact legislation that blatantly polices women’s bodies. Bouldin summarized her discontent in the Facebook post that provoked Moore’s vulgar response.

Another colleague, Republican Rep. Al Baldasaro, decided to pile on in the attacks against Bouldin, and made his a little more personal (and bizarre).


Bouldin is unfazed by her opponents and is resolved to fight the passage of the bill. For her, the fight is a feminist battle, and the twenty first century is no place for discriminatory laws that only apply to women.


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