Donald Trump’s Racist Retweets Are Literally Neo-Nazi Propaganda

After a black man was viciously attacked by supporters at a Trump rally in Birmingham, Alabama, The Donald stepped out to clear up two things: the “disgusting” and “obnoxious” Black Lives Matter protester “probably should have been roughed up” because he had the audacity to declare that black lives have value. As a followup, he tweeted out a host of racist, fake statistics that cited a fake research group with the intent of painting African-Americans as violent.

The billionaire’s meme claimed that “blacks” kill “blacks” 97 percent of the time. That number is, in reality, 90 percent of the time — just 8 percent higher than white on white murders (Trump’s meme claims white-on-white murders happen 16% of the time). The meme further claims that black people kill whites a whopping 81 percent of the time. That number is actually 16 percent

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