Child Care Literally Costs More Than A College Education

Having a child can cost a lot in this day and age, but who would have thought that sending your child to daycare, may cost you more than a college tuition?

Working mothers already pay enough when it comes to having kids, but this is just takes the cake. According to a new report from the Economic Policy Institute, in 23 out of 50 states, the cost of sending your four-year-old to a full-time daycare runs higher than a college education.

Those states results also vary drastically. In Massachusetts, which has the highest child care costs coming in a $12,781, the in-state tuition for a public college will cost you $10,702. Whereas in Florida, day care can run a family $7,668 while college tuition is $4,423. In comparison, in South Carolina, child care is less than half as expensive as college tuition with the numbers coming in at $4,651 versus $11,066.

These prices also hurt families of all income levels. According to the report, high-income families are spending more on enrichment activities than low-income families, all the while lower-income households are making greater investment efforts for their child’s daycare education.

Based on the EPI’s numbers, the median income for a family of four should be paying less than 10% of their income on child care as pertains to the government’s standard for affordable child care.

Currently, only ten states meet those requirements. The last thing low-income moms need to keep them from climbing the ladder to the American Dream are exorbitant costs that make them work more and be away from their children.

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