Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Did a Touching Tribute to Sasha and Malia Obama at Their First State Dinner

Sasha and Malia Obama attended their first state dinner last night honoring Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau last night.  Malia, 17 and Sasha, 14, both wore gowns from New York-based designer Naeem Khan to their first black-tie affair at the White House.  Last night was the first time a U.S. President has hosted Canada’s Prime Minister at a state dinner since 1997, when former U.S. President Bill Clinton threw a state dinner for Prime Minister Jean Chretien.



All eyes were on the first daughters during their first time at the “grown-ups” table.  Malia sat between Grey’s Anatomy star Sandra Oh and Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels.  The girls dined on a meal that included Pacific Northwest Oysters, salmon, lamb chops, and an old Canadian favorite, poutine.


Trudeau, whose father was the Prime Minister from the time he was born until he was eight years old, knows a few things about being in the spotlight.  In his address to the crowd, Trudeau expressed his unique understanding of the girl’s experience as the children of the leader of the free world, “The memories for me of being a kid and not being old enough to attend these kinds of events with my father almost makes me wish I had gone through my teenage years as the child of a world leader.”


Trudeau went on to tell the crowd that he admires the girls very much, and that their unusual childhood in the White House would give them “strength and wisdom beyond their young years for the rest of their lives.”

President Obama was brought to the verge of tears during his openning speech when he spoke of his girls, “When I first was elected to this office, Malia was just 10 and Sasha was 7.  And they grow up too fast.  Now Malia is going off to college, and I’m starting to choke up.”

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