Alabama GOP Attack Abortion Providers With New Humiliating Legislation

February 24, 2016. An Alabama state House committee held a hearing on a bill that would require abortion providers to disclose their annual income to patients, the portion of that income earned from performing abortions and how much they spend when a patient does not follow through with the procedure.

The proposal is part of the Ultrasound Access Act, a bill supported by Alabama Republicans that would require abortion providers to tell patients, both orally and in writing 48 hours before the procedure, about the proposed abortion method, gestational characteristics of the fetus, “immediate and long-term physical and psychological risks” of the procedure and abortion alternatives. If a doctor breaks the law he or she would face a fine of up to $1 million and/or a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

This is a new tactic to the GOP’s war on women’s reproductive rights. Biased counseling, waiting period requirements, and mandatory ultrasound laws are in Republican’s usual arsenal of tactics. The Ultrasound Access Act adds something new. It tries to intimidate abortion providers by forcing them to identify themselves to patients as people who are trying to greedily profit from abortions.

If the GOP can’t outlaw abortions they will make life hell for abortion providers and the women who seek them so they won’t go through with it. The GOP is up to it’s old scare tactics to control women’s bodies.

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