Book Club Women Booted Off The Wine Train Settled Their $11 Million Lawsuit

The group of women who were kicked off of a wine train in Napa last year settled their lawsuit with the train company, according to The Grio.

They were discussing a romance novel on the train before it left the station and apparently were “being too loud” and “offending” other passengers. That’s when a train employee came up to them and asked them to quiet down. The best part was that these awesome women hadn’t even started drinking yet. In fact, some of the women don’t drink at all.

Shortly thereafter, they arrived in St. Helena and were escorted off the train into a dirt lot where police were waiting for them.

The group of mostly black women quickly filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against the Napa Valley Wine Train. They have since closed for an undisclosed amount, but they did seek $11 million in damages. The CEO has since apologized

“All we did was laugh while being black and that is why truly I believe we were removed from the train,” said one of the ladies.

Check out more in the video from The Grio below:

Featured image via Facebook.

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