Samantha Bee Is Making Late-Night Television More Lady Friendly, And She Is A Natural At It

If you haven’t watched Full Frontal yet on TBS, or YouTube, you are missing out.

She may not have been offered the “Daily Show” hosting gig when John Stewart stepped down, but it turns out that is has worked out in her favor. The former senior female correspondent, Samantha Bee, is proving that women can, in fact, rule the comedy circuit.

She has come a long way since her “Bonnie and Clyde” days, living with a Wicca mother and then marrying fellow comedian Jason Jones, also a Daily Show Correspondent.

In an interview with Katie Couric, she asked her how to felt about not being offered the Daily Show Hosting gig and she said that she is “completely very zen about it” especially because TBS picked up the TV show “The Detour” starring her husband and then shortly thereafter, Full Frontal was picked up.

“Full Frontal” is a twist on her role on the “Daily Show” where she is able to use her humor while still interviewing politicians, Trump loving college students, and women who are protecting their female reproductive rights from men.

She loves it though and is very happy to be at TBS. “I love my staff. I love the whole experience. I’m learning. I’m collaborating. I think we’re doing the show that we want to do,” said Bee.

It’s hard work but she is doing the show she wants to do. She is especially happy that the election year fell on the launch of her new show. That and the crazy antics and statements that these presidential candidates are doing and saying are making for great comedy.

Her advice for female comedians in the industry? “Write for yourself. If nobody’s giving you parts, you write one for yourself and you perform it. And you see if the world likes it.”

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