Research Shows Women Who Have Children After 30 Will Make More Lifetime Income

Women have lots of things to already worry about, not including our internal time clock. Want to have kids? Well then we know as women we need to be on top of it and not let it get too late in life. As my mother always reminds me, it gets a lot harder as you get older. But it also turns out that waiting can be a good thing if you want to be successful in your career.

Recent research shows that if women wait until after 30 to have kids, there is a higher chance they will make more income over their lifetime. Which seems to be consistent with some businesses, including Facebook, who are now offering to their female employees the option to freeze their eggs if they wait to have children.

But the real reason? Past studies have concluded that when women have children, they are less likely to want to go back to work or commit to their job 100%. Which is why the motherhood penalty began to occur. Women can be paid less, be given fewer promotions and in some places, they avoid hiring a pregnant woman altogether because the time that will be missed after having the baby as well as the medical costs.

Researchers calculated 14 years of research including the age of a woman at the time she has children, and the findings were that women who had children before 30 had lower lifetime incomes.

So, not only do we have to fight for income equality, promotions in the workplace and jobs for that matter, but also if we want to have children, how much money we will make dependent on when we have them.

This also doesn’t even include the costs incurred with trying to get pregnant. But hey! There is the ultra-expensive IVF option for that.

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