California Pharmacies Aren’t Giving Birth Control Without A Prescription But They’re Supposed To

It seems that with every breaking moment for women and health care another shattering twist takes place.

This time, it’s access to birth control. You know, that pill that President Obama made sure all women should have access to and that is free. A new law in California went into effect April 1 that made it even easier for women to get as it as it can be purchased without a prescription.

However, pharmacists at some local independent pharmacies won’t be able to because they have to be certified. The law was passed in 2013 and “gives pharmacists the option to directly dispense birth control but does not require it,” according to an article in the Orange County Register.

“I heard about it a long time ago, then kind of forgot about it,” Brad Winther, a pharmacist at Med Center Pharmacy in Irvine said.

“We’re doing everything we can to get people up and moving,” Kathleen Hill-Besinque, associate professor of USC School of Pharmacy said. “Word is being spread pretty widely. I’m getting calls from former students, my colleagues, saying, ‘Hey, when can we get started?’”

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