The Army Just Introduced The First Female Infantry Officer

Capt. Kristen Griest, who has already made waves by becoming one of the Army’s first female Rangers, a coveted titled, will also make history by adding first female infantry officer to her name.

Bob Purtiman, a spokesman for the Maneuver Center of Excellence at Fort Benning, Georgia, has said that,

“Griest applied for an exception to Army policy to transfer from military police to infantry. Her transfer was approved by the Department of the Army [on Monday] and she’s now an infantry officer.”

Griest has helped pave the way for women serving in the Army who want to move up in the ranks so much that as many as 22 female cadets have applied and have approved requests to enter as second lieutenants in the infantry and armor branches. Every cadet must successfully complete branch-specific training before they will qualify, but this is just the beginning for enlisted women.

In an article in the Army Times, it states that,

“These moves are part of a multifaceted Army campaign to open all branches and specialties to women, as ordered by Defense Secretary Ash Carter in December.”

Defense Secretary Carter announced on December 3, his decision to lift all of the gender-based restrictions on military service. This decision helped offer the opportunity for women to serve in a previously all-male infantry, armor and Special Forces fields.

As a response to this historic decision, the Army has opened up more than 95,000 positions and nine occupations to women. This doesn’t include the other initiatives created that offer enlisted women the combat arms reclassification as well as assignment opportunities with the 75th Ranger Regiment, a unit previously not available to women.

Griest and another woman became the first women to graduate from Ranger School in August, but Griest will become the first female Infantry Officer and wear the distinctive blue infantry cord at her graduation.

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